What a run to get to this point! Thank you for your trust and support of me and my campaign.

It is incredible for me to look back at where we have come from since last fall when I was first encouraged to run for office. In that time, I have met so many of you – visited your towns, knocked on countless of your doors, and spent many hours on the phone and in gatherings with you – in an effort to make sure that I understood and could speak effectively for our needs and desires on District 33 in the Senate.

I am honored that you chose me to be your Senator and I will strive to protect your families, livelihoods, and liberties with every fiber of my being. The warmup to this job is over and the real work begins now. I would ask for your continued prayers for myself and our other state representatives as we work towards our next session starting in January.

Please do reach out to let me know if there are priorities on your mind that I can assist you with. All of my contact info is listed on the contact page above.

Thank you all again. It is a privilege and an honor to serve you.


Thank you