Keith’s Priorities


Property taxes & Rights

Secure the future of small farming operations and incentivize private
ownership by lowering property taxes and protecting property rights for
all North Dakotans.


Reward smart innovation within the fossil fuel industry by offering incentives and reducing burdensome regulation. Focus on reliable energy that best serves the interests of all North Dakotans.

small business

Streamline regulations and reduce taxes to revitalize existing industry and promote new business growth. Reinforce existing law to ensure free enterprise and equal opportunity for all businesses. Stimulate job growth and reduce government dependency by fostering competitive employment opportunities.

Individual Rights

Preserve our freedoms by safeguarding personal medical autonomy. Protect the rights of parents to direct the education of their children and be the primary stakeholders in all areas of their children’s lives.

I will work hard to earn your trust and to protect your families, your Livelihoods, and your Liberties.

Keith Boehm