Voting in 3 Steps


Step 1: Find your Polling Location

Every town is a little different. Click the link, put in your address, and click submit and it will tell you where your polling locations are. Note that some addresses have multiple locations and you can go to any of them.

Voting Location Search

Step 2: Prepare your voter ID Documents

In North Dakota, voter ID is required. To be sure you can cast your vote, be sure to bring the right documents with you. The following link has all of the documents that you can bring.

Voter ID Requirements

Step 3: Get out and Vote on June 14!

This is a big year for District 33. All of ND’s coal energy production is now in our district. The rights of our families are also under attack like never before. We need leaders who are working hard to protect your families, livelihoods, and liberties. Vote Keith Boehm, Bill Tveit, and Jeff Delzer!

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About the Endorsed candidates

Keith Boehm

Endorsed Senate Candidate


  • 40+ years as a Farmer/Rancher
  • 42+ years in energy at Minnkota Power
  • 25+ years as owner/operator of   Flying J
  • Active pro-life supporter

Endorsed by:

  • North Dakota Young Republicans
  • North Dakota Family Alliance


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Rep. Bill Tveit

Endorsed House Candidate


  • US Army 1968-1971
  • Mercer County Commission Chairman
  • ND House Rep. from 2018-Present


  • ND Family Alliance score of 100%
  • Lignite Champion Award
  • 100% Lignite Champion Rating
  • 2022 Life Protector from NDRL


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Rep. Jeff Delzer

Endorsed House Candidate


  • Farmer/Rancher in McLean County
  • Speaker of the House in 2007
  • Exec. Member of the Energy Council


  • ACU Conservative Achievement Award
  • Lignite Public Service Award
  • Lignite Luminary Award
  • 2022 Life Protector from NDRL


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What We Stand for:

  • Faith
  • Family
  • Freedom
  • Pro-Life at ALL Stages
  • Lower Taxes
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Agricultural Community
  • Lignite Coal Industry
  • Second Amendment Rights
  • Quality Education
  • Limited Government
  • Protecting Your Constitutional Rights

Patriotic Family with Flag